Fax.Server deployed

June 4, 2012

It took only 4 weeks, to deploy and test Fax.Server platform. All services up and running. We wish OXYCOM satisfied customers which now can get rid of old fashioned fax machines.


Avoid BillShock issues with Moberia Rating.Server

May 7, 2012

Moberia signed a contract with major alternative carrier in Poland to implement a Premium-rate Limit System - PLS.

Moberia Rating.Server is a key component in PLS. PLS provides subscribers with anti Bill Shock feature. Now subs can set up cash limit or connection cost above which no premium calls can be made. This is to fulfill Polish market regulations for Premium Services. PLS works in real time rating all calls passing the platform.


Fax.Server - SaaS and Reseller module for Carriers and ISPs

April 25, 2012

Faxes are still alive! And it seems they will be. Moberia signed a contract with its key Partner OXYCOM S.A. to install fax2email/email2fax hosted solution supporting reseller functionality. Deployment is scheduled at early June so 4 weeks to go.

We have expanded our Fax.Server product with resellers module. Telco services providers are able to offer fax-to-mail and mail-to-fax functionality to its subscribers. No additional email account or phone line needed to send/receive faxes. No printing and fax storage. Fax.Server provides delivery and error reporting, retrials, scheduling and high throughput. Service providers can now offer a white-label product in SaaS model to serve resellers which can sell fax services.


New Roadmap for Moberia SIP.Phone

March 15, 2012

SIP.Phone gets new roadmap to expand in the close future. Stay tuned.


Globe-Com S.A. chooses Moberia Class 5 Softswitch

February 6, 2012

Moberia deployed Class 5 SIP-based Telecommunications Platform for Globe-Com S.A. The Platform consist of wide range of Moberia’s products including:

  • VoIP.Modules for Class 5: telephony, IP-Centrex, IVRs, VoiceMail, Fax2Mail/Mail2Fax, VAS module, Class 4 services for integration with upstream providers and SIP Trunking
  • Rating.Server for real-time rating and bill-shock prevention, customer oriented tariffs and services offering
  • Self.Care for Web based platform and services management
  • Web.Phone which provides a Web-based softphone for all customers

The implementation contract was extended by Support & Maintenance agreement for further development of the platform and Added Services. This allows Globe-Com S.A. to build and rapidly implement competitive n-play, flexible offerings which allows for substantial increase in customers base and churn lowering.

Globe-Com S.A. is a dynamically growing company, operating in the telecommunications industry. Globe-Com S.A. specializes in creating individual telecommunications solutions based on own telecommunications platform and Microsoft next-generation unified communication technologies.


Moberia CTI and Call/Contact Center solutions

January 2, 2012

Very exciting news - Moberia grows its competency in CTI and Call/Contact Center solutions. We have just started project for a CTI call/contact center implementation and integrated with a CRM system for a major financial institution in Poland.

Rich feature set - IVRs, Queues, SkillBasedRouting, priorities, attended calls, inbound/outbound campaigns, calls recording, call tapping, CRM and other domain systems integration. Moberia CTI is Web based and uses Web.Phone technology to provide Web Browser as the only tool for consultants to serve customers.


Kozminski University implements Moberia’s Web.Phone

September 1, 2011

Voice calls can be now placed directly from University’s web page to Dean's Office over the Internet. The mashup of Web and VoIP technologies is especially useful for candidates from abroad. Web.Phone can be a standard way to get an online live-support for any company active in the Internet. Web.Phone changes a web browser into a virtual telephone without the need to install any additional software.

Akademia Leona Koźmińskiego (in Polish) line

Comprehensive SIP project

June 6, 2011

Moberia signed a contract to design and implement a comprehensive SIP based class 5 telephony solution for an alternative telco player in Poland. The platform will provide voice services to business subscribers. This is a substantial project as it implements a wide range of Moberia’s products including VoIP.Modules (incl. IVR, VoiceMail, Mail2Fax/Fax2Mail), Rating.Server, Self.Care and Web.Phone.

Stay tuned for more updates.


OXYCOM S.A. implements Moberia Soft.Phone

June 1, 2011

OXYCOM chose Moberia as the vendor to develop OXYTone Mobile for its IP telephony offer. The mobile application was implemented for iOS, Symbian and Android smartphone platforms allowing OXYCOM’s subscribers to make VoIP calls over WiFi and 3G as well as EDGE networks. The OXYTone Mobile application, besides all standard telephony features, is tightly integrated with OXYCOM’s Self-Care systems for contact synchronization and cloud storage purposes.

Moberia has developed the application in an outstanding time of 3 months. Fully operational Beta was delivered in 8 weeks. This time demand was perceived by OXYCOM as crucial in order to deliver its telephony services.

OXYCOM is an enterprise offering advanced services of integrated communication including voice and electronic as well as Cloud Computing technologies. OXYCOM won the “Promising company” contest organized by Capital Express and addressed to innovative companies considering entering the stock exchange.

Moberia is young software house company which develops platforms and applications for telecommunication services. Moberia is made up of four co-founders and a team of developers, all being very experienced guys with immense, carrier-grade projects behind. Moberia Web.Phone, Rating.Engine or Fraud.Detection are just some of our products. For more visit moberia.com »


Conferencing is getting traction

May 13, 2011

Puls Biznesu appreciates the advantages of conference rooms »
You can try out Moberia’s Conference.Room »

You are looking for cost savings through the use of simple and effective solutions. Moberia helps to implement them. Conference rooms are one of many opportunities to save on time and logistics. Moberia Conference.Rooms are simple to use and can be managed through a web browser. Optionally, you can also present a slide show, raise your hand, see the presence of participants as well as much more business functions. Our solution is flexible and does not close in a single schema. Moberia Conference.Room can be implemented in any company (hosted or SaaS) or can be sold as a service subscription by telco services provider.


Changed with advent of spring

April 1, 2011

A few days ago we welcomed spring. Moberia decided to refresh its image a little. We welcome you to our new web page. Enjoy! We started it today, on April 1st, but this is not an April Fools joke ;-)



February 1, 2011

No matter if you have a small or large company you most probably put an effort to be visible through Web search. Most probably you would also like to get contacted by your potential clients as a result of Web browsing? At a very low cost you can use Moberia’s technology to allow voice and video calls directly from the web page.

Try out Web.Phone »


Soft.Phone contract

December 15, 2010

Moberia signed a contract to deliver a comprehensive mobile SIP based application for an alternative telco player in Poland. The contract includes softphone development for iOS, Android and Symbian platforms with advanced media capabilities, address book integration and a Self-Care SOAP-REST/JSON provisioning gateway. Very short TTM of the contract confirms Moberia’s proficiency in sewing IT and Telco services according to customers’ needs.

Find out more about our products »


Conference.Room implementation

October 20, 2010

Moberia delivered a feature rich conferencing solution for a designer and retailer of high quality menswear based in Poland with retail outlets in Czech republic, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Poland. The solution was delivered in SaaS model and covers multiple conference rooms available for different sales teams. Web based management panel with secure access allows to administer individual conference, monitor participants and download recorded calls.

Find out more about Conference.Room » or give it a try »

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